Celebrity Dental Care And Opportunities For Patient Acquisition

A celebrity clientele can do wonders to attract patients to a dental practice. If the individual is happy to be featured on the company website this along with social media can attract new patients locally, regionally, nationally and also internationally. This is because image conscious consumers are eager to follow their favourite celebrities and if they are unhappy with the appearance of their smile then they may wish to enhance or transform their smile.

Some celebrities will work on a sponsorship basis, while others will prefer to keep their treatment private and no divulge details of any cosmetic dentistry work they have chosen. In terms of treatments many celebrities go for veneers as these provide a fast solution and can create a broad white smile. The popularity of Invisalign is also of interest to celebrities, however many prefer a faster solution. DFW has led the way in a range of treatments with appeal to celebrities. Acceptance rates and patient marketing has been measured and findings are available as best practice case studies to other practices who wish to expand their patient base using similar approaches.

The attraction of celebrity clients will likely depend on how well known a cosmetic dentist is, and the location of the practice. For example dental practices specialising in cosmetic dentistry located in large cities are more likely to attract a celebrity following. The range of treatments offered is also important as patients will want to know that the practice provides the necessary treatments to achieve the smile they expect.

Some practices build up a large celebrity client base and then add testimonials and before and after images to their website and waiting rooms. Before and after images and reviews can also be shared via the practice social media channels in order to build and market the practice reputation. This can be done across a range of channels, and can quickly attract new patients. For example if the practice has social media channels across different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter then these will be very effective to share content and images. Other channels can also be effective including You Tube and Pinterest, or indeed LinkedIn. This activity is typically managed by dental admin teams or outsourced to marketing agencies.

The reach of the content will multiply as followers share the content. Some content can quickly spread or go viral, especially if there is a celebrity angle and the celebrity has a large following or the demographic crosses over into the practice demographic. In addition to organic coverage which is completely free of charge, dental practices can also leverage paid marketing strategies.

This includes paid advertising on Facebook to attract new patients, and includes promoted posts and offers. Advertisements can be set up to reach a set audience in a certain location. For example consumers of a certain age with certain interests. The location and other criteria can all be set to attract ideal new patients to the practice. A celebrity angle will then gain high visibility as consumers are likely to share the content which will then be seen by their friends. For these reasons attracting and leveraging celebrity clients can help dental practices attract new patients and expand.

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